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50+ Best Diwali Recipes – Sweets and Snacks 2018 Edition

In India, Diwali is one of the most exciting and magnificent festivals in the world. The ‘Festival of Lights’ is celebrated by all with an amazing enthusiasm.

Brilliant clay diyas, charming fairy lights, and stunning rangolis in the courtyards- Diwali is here and we are loving every bit of the festive spirit.

Festivals like Diwali serve to fuse people from diverse backgrounds. In India, food is irrevocably weaved with every festival the country celebrates. Diwali, especially, is a festival of fun, jovialities, and feasts. The very first thing that comes to mind when you reminisce of Diwali food is sweets – and loads of them. Mithai, as Indian sweetmeats are called, is the little chunk of deliciousness.

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This Diwali, ditch the sweet shops and avoid compromising the health of your loved ones. Grab a apron, log in to Cooking With Siddhi and make amazing, unique and delicious snacks and sweets!

Here are awesomesauce Diwali Recipes that will bring brightest of smiles on the faces of your loved ones

1. Khajur Barfi

Festivals harbor our deep-seated love of Mithai. One of my favorites is Khajur Mithai or Khajur Roll. Made at home with all the passion and care is the best treat to your friends and family.

Date palm had proven to lower cholesterol and is high in protein and vitamin. Beat that!

Watch the recipe video below:-

2. 2 Ingredient-Instant Kaju Katli

My love for Kaju Katli would make her queen of Indian Sweets. It has melt in the mouth texture and has that excellent nutty flavor from the cashews that are the powerhouse of anti-oxidants.

Did you know you can make it with just two ingredients? Well, find out more here.

Watch the recipe video below:-

3. Khasta Dhaniya Strips

Looking for something to compliment and balance all the sweetness during festivals? Well, here is a recipe that is easy to make is healthy, has a perfect crunch and you can’t stop at few.

These Khasta Dhaniya strips have such an aromatic flavor and you and your guests will love it.

Watch the recipe video below:-

4. Kalakand- 3 Ingredients

Kalakand is a variety of Indian Milk Cheese Fudge. Fresh cottage cheese is cooked with reduced milk till it relinquishes an extremely thick consistency which is milky, cheesy and absolutely lip-smacking.

Please now don’t run to the sweet shop, just gather these 3 ingredients and get started in your kitchen!

Watch the recipe video below:-

5. Schezwan Sev

There are so many Desi flavorings available in Sev- be it Garlic, Hing, Ujjaini etc. But have you tried a Chinese version of this Indian Snack?

I guess not, let me introduce to you the Schezwan Sev, a fusion dish that will have your guests in shock for all the right reasons.

Watch the recipe video below:-

6. Matar Masala Mathri

Matar Mathri is unique, crispy and flaky snacks which taste great. Serve these delightful snacks to your guest with tea or coffee.

It will stay delicious for days and store them in big jars at room temperature.
Pack them as goodies in jars for your near and dear ones.

Watch the recipe video below:-

7. 5 Flavored Coconut Ladoo

Coconut Ladoo’s are soft and delicately sugared little coconut bites that are ideal for any occasion.

The interesting bit is that make them in 5 exotic different flavors that too in one go! Rose, Chocolate, Coffee, Orange, and Cardamom- one for all and all for one. Easy, Instant and delicious.

Watch the recipe video below:-

8. Palak Mathri

Crispy Palak Mathri is a pleasant preparation which is liked by people of all age groups. It’s a crumbly, salty and rich Indian cracker that’s perfect for serving alongside sweets, tea, and cold drinks for your guests.

Don’t forget to make it during the festivities!

Watch the recipe video below:-

9. Choco-Dip-Sandwich-Kaju Katli

If you want to be the talk of the town, try this recipe for Choco-Dipped Sandwiched Kaju Katli. A single bite surprising holds a ton of flavor that will make weak in the knees.

A mouthful of creaminess coupled by refreshing mukhwas and then comes the chocolate to add the punch!

Watch the recipe video below:-

10. Crunchy Chunky Tikki

Don’t just let off your guests with sweets and snack. Plate out my version of the lip-smacking Aloo Tikki and make them go bonkers over your cooking skills.

Yes, serve the most popular North Indian snack this Diwali with lots of flavors, and spices and vegetables. Serve it with green chutney and enjoy!

Watch the recipe video below:-

11. Aloo Pudina Sev

Aloo Pudina sev will be a new addition to the desi flavoring of existing Sev family. This has refreshing and feisty notes of mint and crunchy great texture from the potatoes.

This is not your regular sev, so do serve it your friends and family to earn extra points of appreciations!

Watch the recipe video below:-

12. Bhaji Pav Roll

Pav Bhaji is one of the greatest food contributions to India from Mumbai. Nothing can beat a plate full of melting butter Bhaji and yummy pav. But it does get a little messy though isn’t it?

Well, I have fused Rolls and Pav Bhaji together to form Pav Bhaji rolls. Eat heartily without creating a mess and I am sure your kids and and guests will love the new dish.

Watch the recipe video below:-

13. Nutty Coconut Halwa

Halwa is a go-to recipe to soothe our sudden sweet cravings. It is also considered an auspicious dish, to cook during festivities.

Well, if you are big coconut flavor lover, then this halwa is just for you. Wholesome goodness of nuts, handsome texture of coconut and a huge spoon is all you need!

Watch the recipe video below:-

14. Shrikhand Katli

Shrikhand is a semi soft, sweet n sour whole milk dish prepared from fermented curd, also known as hung curd. It has a pleasing taste and is enjoyed as sweet dish in many regional cuisines.

Why not experiment a little and make Shrikhand Katli enjoy it in a diamond shaped sweets and I am sure your friends and family will be swooned!

Watch the recipe video below:-

15. Semolina/Rava/Sooji Pizza

Let this Diwali be all about healthy eating. Apart from making excellent homemade sweets, try this awesomesauce Pizza Recipe!

Made from healthy ingredients like Semolina and lots of veggies, this pizza gives equal and tough competition to other famous pizza chains.

Watch the recipe video below:-

16. Veg Poha Cutlet Roll

We are prepared when it comes to guests visiting us during Diwali, aren’t we? If you bored of serving same snack dishes then you are in here for a surprise.

Presenting Veg Poha Cutlet Roll, it is scrumptious and soft inside and tastes refreshingly new. This recipe will take every taste bud with a wonder. Make more because no one will stop at one!

Watch the recipe video below:-

17. Crispy Corn

Sometimes simple recipe at restaurants taste so great that we wonder if at all it can be replicated at home. I had this experience when I had Crispy Corn at Barbeque Nation and gave it a try in my kitchen.

Guess what, not only I was able to nail the technique but it tasted super good, so here is a snack recipe for you straight from the kitchen of a restaurant. Shhh! don’t let the secret out.

Watch the recipe video below:-

18. Sweet Corn Salsa & Nachos Bhel

Kids are a little difficult to handle and when it is a group of many little people, one can imagine the plight of moms! During a get together to keep ‘Bachcha Party’ munching on here is a quirky snack recipe that they will enjoy!

Sweet Corn Salsa and The Nachos Bhel is a tangy combination of many ingredients. A burst of flavors on the palate, do try during the festive season.

Watch the recipe video below:-

19. Vegetarian French Toast

A complete vegetarian makeover to the Egg based French toast is here. It tastes as good and will make your morning breakfast a treat!

Vegetarian French toast is fun twist, made using chickpea flour and bread slices. Actually, make it at any time of the day!

Watch the recipe video below:-

20. Pasta Pakoda

We absolutely love the Two P dishes that are Pakora and Pasta! They are our all time favorites dishes, be it any age group. One is Indian and the other is an Italian specialty.

Here is unique combination of Pakora meet Pasta, a fusion dish that you have to try to witness a culinary breakthrough! (I may have exaggerated because it tastes freaking good!)

Watch the recipe video below:-

21. Farali Makhana Cutlet

To make your feast during the fasting interesting and delicious here is a new dish to add to your recipe list.

Farali Makhana Cutlet is an ideal dish to make when you are out of option and want to treat your taste buds with something rich and delectable. Pair it with homemade Farali Green Chutney, sit back and enjoy!

Watch the recipe video below:-

22. Phool Makhana Munchies

We are unaware of benefits and recipes that can be made with Makhana or Fox nuts. It has plenty of health advantage and will keep you energized during the Fasts.

Here is an exciting, fun and instant recipe that will keep you full and on your toes. Try it out.

Watch the recipe video below:-

23. Crispy Moong Dal Pakode

Winter is around the corner and one dish that I love to make during this chilly season is Pakora with my favorite cuppa of Tea.

Moong dal Pakora are easy to make at any time, light on your tummy and simply mouthwatering. Serve them with homemade green chutney and ketchup. A warm blanket, favorite show and a plate of these Moong Pakoras, your evening is made!

Watch the recipe video below:-

24. Kiwi Slush

It is high time when you let go of cold drinks and made some drinks at home. Celebrate the festivities by serving your family and friends organic drinks!

Orange Kiwi Slushee is an exotic combination and has many health perks too. It’s sweet and tangy punch will make you a fan of this drink.

Watch the recipe video below:-


25. Veg Kebab

Our go-to starter dish when we go to restaurants is undeniably Vegetable Kebab. They are juicy, full of veggies and extremely pleasing.

Want to soothe the instant craving for Kebab, here is a full proof and authentic recipe for Kebab, serve them to your guest and make them go gaga over the dish!

Watch the recipe video below:-


26. Royal Falooda

The best way to end your meal is to serve your family and friends this mouthwatering, extrinsic glass full or sweet dish that speaks royalty and it is none other than Royal Falooda!

Its path to India was paved by Iranian’s, make it in your kitchen and surprise your folks. It is creamy, delicious and superb sweet dish/ice-cream/drink, call whatever you want to.

Watch the recipe video below:-


27. Paneer Fingers

Ditch the finger fries this festive season as I have a perfect and healthy alternative. It is crispy outside, melts in the mouth instantly and hands-down delicious.

It is difficult to make kids like any dish, but I am sure they are going to jump and grab these lovely looking, golden Paneer Fingers.

Watch the recipe video below:-


28. Fruit Custard

Looking for an effortless dessert option that is ready instantly? I might have just the right recipe that hits all the YASS points.

Fruit Custard is one dish that makes for a fantastic sweet course. Add fruits and dry fruits of your choice and as many as you want and eat to your heart’s content.

Watch the recipe video below:-


29. Original Mojito

Imagine a brilliant Diwali evening with snacks, sweets and everything great. Now imagine a chilled glass of mint and lime Mojito!

Yes, non-alcoholic world-famous beverage right in the clasp of your hand. Clean your palate and feel refreshed with every sip that you drink. Here is an authentic recipe for you.

Watch the recipe video below:-


30. Watermelon Cooler

If you are out of ideas for drinks or beverages to serve this festive season, do not worry, I have your drink section covered.

Here is a perfect and trending summer cooler drink that is exhilarating and pleasing. Watermelon Cooler recipe is full of health benefits that will keep your stomach cool if you end up over eating this festive season.

Watch the recipe video below:-


31. Batata Vada

Do not run out of options for snacks for any occasion this season. Make the best use of street style food and bring them on your table spread.

One such amazing and loved by all, famous street food is Batata vada. Serve them with home-made green chutney and enjoy.

Watch the recipe video below:-


32. Aloo Parantha

For breakfast, nothing even comes close to the affluent Aloo Ka Parantha “Makhan maarke” laddled with homemade white butter.

Mashes potatoes combined with aromatic spices and veggies and then pan fried is an ultimate comfort during the cold wintery morning. There are plenty of options to eat hot Aloo parantha with- “Ghar ki malai”, mango pickle, plain curd along with a glass of Lassi! Burraahh!

Watch the recipe video below:-


33. Malpua

The number one sweet course dish that has been the talk of the town since the oldest time is Malpua. Festivals, be it Holi, Diwali and Ramadan are incomplete with consuming the sinful Malpua.

These are small deep fried pancakes that are soaked in a sugary syrup, come in various forms and varieties based on the region. Try my awesome recipe to make sugary, syrupy and glistening Malpua’s.

Watch the recipe video below:-


34. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Potato is one versatile ingredient; one can make amazing recipes from it by blending it with spices and more veggies.

One very famous street food from the North is Aloo Tikki Chat. It is an amalgamation of aloo tikki with green chutney, tamarind chutney, chaat masala, and papdi. Basically it is a party of flavors on your palate.

Watch the recipe video below:-


35. Leftover Rice Cutlet

Have an extra batch of rice leftover from yesterday night? If yes, then here is an innovative recipe from the leftover rice that will inspire you to make extra rice every time.

Leftover Rice Cutlets are crispy, crunchy and delectable. Make this and keep your folks wondering how you come up with this gorgeous recipe.

Watch the recipe video below:-


36. Lauki Pyaaz ke Pakode

Pakodas are one bite sized snacks that bring a huge smile on our faces no matter how harsh life is. The ultimate monsoon snack comes in so many mindboggling varieties.

One such scrumptious type is Lauki Pyaaz ke Pakode. The spiciness compliments the mild sweet texture of Lauki and onion. This recipe is a must try during the festivities.

Watch the recipe video below:-


37. Hara Dhaniya Parantha

It is a crime if you ever get bored of the regular-famous varieties of stuffed paranthas. But if by any chance you are out of options and you are craving for the same, then here is a great way to make stuffed paranthas.

Try Mint and Coriander i.e. Pudina and Dhaniya parantha. It tastes finger-licking good!

Watch the recipe video below:-


38. Rava/Sooji Rava Pakora

Want to meet the snack expectation of uninvited guests? Well, here is a recipe just for you.

The simplicity and the taste of the dish are mind-blowing. Presenting Rava or Sooji ke Pakode. Mix, rest and fry, VOILA! An amazing pakoda dish is ready to be served with green chutney and ketchup.

Watch the recipe video below:-


39. Mexican Idli Pakora

I love fusing different cuisines together to make new recipes. Not only they look appealing and taste great, I feel motivated to try new every time.

It is Mexico meet South and North India all together; now imagine the flavor and texture. It is simply outstanding. Make this dish and surprise the idli out if your guests!

Watch the recipe video below:-


40. Khasta Paneer

Serving same snack dish over and over again can be boring and at one time the taste of the dish goes bland. Thank me later as I have plenty of new snack recipes that will make you the lifeline of every party!

Here is a crispy crunchy recipe for Khasta paneer hat oozes out the spicy schezwan sauce. It makes for an incredible snack course and you should definitely try it.

Watch the recipe video below:-


41. Stuffed Farsi Puri

These ‘crispy’ Puris are a must have when you plan your festival feast. It is delicious, melt in mouth deep-fried Indian bread.

Here is an exclusive recipe with a filling for you to woo your guests. Serve Stuffed Farsi Puri with pickles, or with a favorite cuppa of a brew.

Watch the recipe video below:-


42. Falafel

Another famous snack dish that I took from International cuisines is the very exotic middle-eastern delicacy-Falafel. Round fuzzy patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beanball and blended with veggies and spices.

Psst, here is the recipe that is easy, instant and appetizing. Serve them with Tahini or Humus sauce and dips.

Watch the recipe video below:-


43. Instant Burger Without Patty

You must have heard of 2-minute Maggi but have you heard about 5-minute instant Burger? I guess you haven’t!

So here is a recipe for every unexpected guest or demanding kids that can make a burger in a flash. The No-patty-ready-in-a-flash Burger tastes as good and is absolutely relishing. Try it now.

Watch the recipe video below:-


44. Mexican Salsa Sauce

Salsa is one of the various sauces representatives of Mexican cuisine, also known as salsa fresca, hot salsa or salsa picante.

Make this tangy Mexican Dip for all your dry snacks and enhance the flavors of the festivities. Explore the recipe here and make an awesomesauce salsa fresca and enjoy!

Watch the recipe video below:-


45. Maggi Pakoda

Pakora and Maggi have been our go-to snacks when it comes to sudden hunger pangs or midnight cravings. They are an inseparable part of lives.

Here is a unique recipe that combines both favorites and is called Maggi Pakora.

With the taste of Maggi intact comes a coating of deep fried crispy besan batter. Serve with sauces and dips of your choice and dig in!

Watch the recipe video below:-


46. Tandoori Tawa Paneer Bread Pizza

This Diwali make your kids and their friend dishes that they enjoy wrapped with love and care. Kids like things that not only taste good but also look good.

Here is a recipe for quirky and delicious Tandoori Paneer Bread Pizza, that will excite your kids and make them gobble down small pizzas in a flash.

Watch the recipe video below:-


47. Basket Pizza

Basket pizzas are small bite size nibbles that look extraordinary. It is much easy and you will be surprised that it tastes equally fabulous!

Loaded with tomato, capsicum, corn, cheese and etc this makes for a great snack at any time of the day.

Watch the recipe video below:-

48. Peri-Peri Paneer Toast

By this time everyone is aware of Peri-Peri and if not, what in world are you doing? Peri-Peri spice mix is my favorite too as it enhances the flavors of a dish to multifold.

My recipe here is called Peri-Peri Paneer Toast (sounds drool worthy isn’t it?). Serve this as a breakfast dish to kick out the Monday blues, or bright en up your tea time.

Watch the recipe video below:-

49. Crunchy Paneer Pakora

Like potato, paneer too is the king of Indian cuisine. One can make sabji, paranthas, Puris, and starter dishes as well.

Oh how can I forget the Pakora, Paneer Pakora are a hit in parties, get-together, and marriages. Here is incredible recipe to make crunchy Paneer Pakoras. Bite into crispy layer and then experience the flavors that make a way to your heart!

Watch the recipe video below:-

50. Chinese Veg. Spring Roll

One of the most preferred starter-courses by all age groups, and a summer favorite street snack is the Chinese Spring Roll! It can be prepared with numerous filling and is extremely healthy at the same time.

You can be sure that most of your guests will be back to load their plates for a second – or even third – helpings. Here is an excellent recipe.

Watch the recipe video below:-

51. Cheese Potato Rosti

Go global and try out some international cuisines during the festivities. I have dish that is straight from the kitchen of Switzerland!

Cheese Potato Rosti combines the wholesome goodness of lots of vegetables disguised by the ever cool ingredients- potato and Cheese, which will warn you a huge YES from your Kid guests as well. Everybody will be a fan of this dish, east to make and is mess-free.

Watch the recipe video below:-

Each recipe mentioned above has a unique flavor and will be thoroughly relished by people of all age group. Serve Mithai that is home made and authentic. I have covered –drinks, starters and even some main course dishes for you so you don’t have look anywhere else for your Diwali Spread. May your Diwali be as awesome as the dishes above. Enjoy each moment of festivity with your folks.

Happy Diwali!

Happy Cooking!

50+ Best Diwali Recipes - Sweets and Snacks Edition
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50+ Best Diwali Recipes - Sweets and Snacks Edition
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