Chinese Veg Spring Roll Recipe

Chinese Veg Spring Roll Recipe

Spring roll is the perfect starter dish when it comes to parties and entertaining the guests with. It’s also a first choice for the starters when families go to restaurants. Vegetable spring rolls being a favorite have found its availability on streets as well. Be it a post restaurant, or a street side vendor, but won’t it be great if you could make this Veg. Spring roll for your family in your own kitchen?

This Chinese spring roll recipe is crispy and crunchy outside and moist and soggy inside. On the upside, you can innovate by adding various veggies inside the spring rolls to see your kids lovingly wolf down the vegetables which they otherwise repel at the first sight.

Admit it, we all have at some point have wanted to prepare these golden brown rolls but have been confused on how to make vegetable spring rolls. Not any more, we have taken care of this for you. The best accompaniment with these piping hot rolls is schezwan sauce.

Pro Tip: – For healthier version, you can also try them baking instead of deep frying!

Chinese Veg Spring Rolls Recipe Video and Text Recipe Below

Preparation Time:15-20 mins

Cooking Time :- 30 mins
Total Time :- 45-50 mins
Serves 3/4

Ingredients - For Veggie Stuffing

  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  • 1 cup shredded or thin sliced cabbage
  • 1 cup capsicum
  • 1 cup onion
  • 1 cup paneer
  • 1 cup corn
  • 1/2 cup coriander
  • 1/4 cup mint
  • 1 tablespoon red chilli powder
  • 1 tablespoon Garlic paste
  • 1/2 tablespoon ginger paste
  • Chilli sause
  • Soya sause
  • 1 spoon chat masala
  • 1 spoon garam masala
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Salt to taste

Ingredients - For the Wrap

  • 1 Cup maida
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  • Water as required to make soft dough


  • 1 tablespoon maida(all purpose flour)
  • Water as required to make a paste

Directions - Steps to preparing the dough for spring rolls :

  1. Take one large bowl and add 1 cup maida to it.
  2. Add cooking oil and salt and mix it well.
  3. Add water slowly and start making soft dough like paratha. Knead it for about 1-2 minutes and cover it with damp cloth.

Directions - Veggie stuffing for spring rolls

  1. Heat the oil in a broad non-stick pan on low flame. Meanwhile take a small bowl and mix garlic paste and garam masala in it.
  2. Pour oil into pan and add few capsicums in it. add garlic and garam masala mixed paste, ginger paste and saute till it becomes fragrant after that add rest of capsicums and stir well.
  3. Add Onions, cabbage, corn, paneer, mint, coriander, Salt, Red chilli powder, chat masala and stir so all spices can be mixed well.
    Let it saute a little while make sure it doesn’t get cooked.
  4. Add chilli sause and soya sauce and switch off the flame and mix it well. The stuffing is ready and let it cool down.

Directions - Steps to preparing the maida paste (slurry)

  1. In a bowl 1 spoon maida with required amount of water. stir it well to make a smooth paste and make sure there is no lumps in it.


  1. Knead the dough again 1-2 minutes to make it soft. Take one medium sized dough and roll it in the shape of oval.
  2. Make sure you roll it equally thin from all the sides. Place stuffing in the center and apply slurry on the edges. Now fold the big side of roti on stuffing and gently press a little. Then fold another and press a little. Now apply a little paste on the corners if needed and fold them. Prepare remaining rolls and place it a side.
  3. Heat the oil in the pan and at deep frying temperature slowly slid spring roll into the pan. Make sure the oil is hot enough, otherwise it will absorb the oil.
  4. Once they become golden brown, turn them over and fry the other side. Fry it on low medium flame so the spring roll get cooked perfectly.
  5. Once they get cooked golden brown from both the sides, take them out on kitchen towel to remove the excess oil.
  6. Cut into small pieces and serve hot with schezwan sauce.

Enjoy this blissful starter at your home with your favorite people. Do try this dish in your kitchen. Let me know if you have any queries related to the recipe. Keep posting comments and feedback as they keep me motivated.

Happy Cooking!


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