adrak masala chai tea

Adrak Masala Chai

We Indians love our chai! No doubt in that, right? But when it comes to ginger tea, our love for chai grows infinitely more. From your Dadaji to your college-going siblings – there’s something about Adrak Masala Wali Chai that makes everyone crave that one slurp. Apart from being a […]

tandoori chai recipe

Tandoori Chai Recipe

Tandoori cooking is very much a style rather than a single distinctive flavor, and within that particular style is a wide variety of ingredients that come together in delicious and sometimes very unique ways. It’s a popular style of cooking in India. It takes years of practice to master the […]

mango thickshake recipe

Mango Thickshake Recipe

Here is a delicious thick mango shake recipe that will make go bonkers. It tastes amazing and is so rich that a glass will be enough to kick off sudden hunger pangs. Mango in mango shake has a high amount of pectin, a dietary fiber and helpful in lowering cholesterol […]

cold coffee recipe

Cold Coffee Recipe

In this decreasing temperature, a chilled glass of Cold Coffee is a boon. Ditch your regular hot cup of coffee and sip on to some iced cold coffee to soothe yourself in the scorching heat. Cold coffee is more flavorful because it has less acid. Having a rough day, you […]