Rice Recipes

Rice is one of the most healthy and helpful foods in the world these days. Indian cuisine, in particular, highlights a wide range of meals and foods based on rice and all of them are appetizing and full of flavour. If you want to promote good health feel better during the day, eat more rice.

We have a list of Indian rice dishes that capture the essence of each region of India. From very simple yet must eat dishes such as Jeera Rice, to street style Chinese Fried Rice to South Indian special Curd Rice, we have many recipes to keep you and your folks entertained!

From rice recipe to be prepared from scratch, there are recipes that can be prepared from the leftover rice, the best way to beat sudden hunger pangs!

maggi soupy khichdi recipe
Rice Recipes

Maggi Soupy Khichdi Recipe

The simple Khichdi is an essential evening meal of a number of Gujaratis. Its quality of being readily digestible, Khichdi has ruled the kitchen due to its ease of making and the flexibility of mixing and harmonizing ingredients. But over the past few years, there has been an explosion of […]

Jeera Rice
Rice Recipes

Jeera Rice Recipe

Ever wondered how the restaurants have perfected the technique to cook grainy and beautiful Jeera Rice. The amazing thing about this dish is the versatility and tastes delectable with almost any gravy dish or dal (Specially Dal Tadka & Dal Makhani). You can save a lot of time while making […]