veg kebab recipe

Veg Kabab Recipe

No Indian get-together is perfect without scrumptious kebabs being served on the table for starters. No one can believe how the simple vegetables and some ingredients come together to form this drool-worthy kebabs. Team these moist and juicy kebabs with spicy mint chutney along with sliced onions on the side […]

paneer fingers fries recipe
Appetizers, Snacks

Paneer Fingers Recipe

Paneer Fingers are the healthier alternative for potato French fry and taste just awesome. As the monsoon season approaches, we are always on the lookout for hot fried snacks, so my Paneer Finger recipe is going to turn your rainy evenings simply euphoric. Paneer Fingers is healthy snack is crispy […]

Farali vada

Farali Vada Recipe

Shravan is considered as the Holi month of the year. The month of Shravan is widely known as Sawan as well. People believe that by doing fasts and praying during this holy month they can please the god. People consume Farali or Upvas friendly dishes during Shravan and there are […]