Dal Recipes

Dal or pulses have a vital role in Indian cuisine and are an important part of everyday meals. The main course item is Dal composed of various kinds of lentils. Any Indian meal, be it lunch or dinner, is deemed incomplete without dal.

These lentils are the classic comfort food for each household in India. There are a wide variety of Lentils available in India. The colour ranges from yellow, green, brown, orange and red to deep black, these miniature disc-shaped constituents of the legume family are eaten in some form at least twice a day in any Indian household.

We have some of the best dal recipes for lunch and dinner that you should try like Gujarati Toor Dal, or how about Dal Palak. How can we miss the drool-worthy Dal Fry, we do have a great recipe for that!

gujarati kadhi recipe
Dal Recipes, Gujarati

Gujarati Kadhi Recipe

“KADHI” is solely a yogurt based gravy dish that is solidified with chickpea flour and tempered and later simmered with some fascinating Indian spices. Every region in India has their individual way of preparing Kadhi – you get Punjabi Kadhi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Maharashtrian Kadhi, and Gujarati Kadhi. Kadhi is a […]