Gujaratis Cuisine uses a blend of different spices and this is what makes food truly exotic. People in Gujarat consume one or the other type of curry along with rice and roti in about every meal. Gujarati dishes normally have a very subtle taste that makes it truly unique from other Indian cuisines. Most of the Gujarati dishes are sweet, while others have a quite greater concentration of sugar as compared to salt and spices. Sometimes, jaggery is used as a substitute for sugar.

The Gujarati Khichdi, Bajra Rotla, Gujarati Kadhi, Vaal Ki Sabji and many more carry whole of Gujarat in them. The cooking style of Gujarati food is also unprecedented. While some dishes are steam-cooked others are stir-fried with the greens along with spices or dal being boiled and then vaghar (Chaunk) is added to it to intensify the flavour of the dish.