peri peri paneer toast

Peri Peri Paneer Toast Recipe

Peri-Peri is made from crushed chilies, citrus peel, onion, pepper, garlic, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimiento, basil, oregano, and tarragon. This exotic mix of several tongue-tickling spices is what makes Peri-Peri a sought after sauce used for seasoning or marinade.

Personally, I love Paneer toast because with the addition of Peri-Peri sauce it just makes Paneer toast delectable. This particular dish is simple yet tastes really good. The Peri-Peri sauce just melts and mixes with veggies and Paneer to make delicious and yummy flavorful stuffing.

The Peri-Peri Paneer toast can be made on tava, microwave or griller.

Let’s get started!

Peri Peri Paneer Toast Recipe Video and Text Recipe Below

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : 5-10 minutes
Total Time : 15 minutes
Makes 3/4 Toast


  • 1 Medium sized finely chopped Onion
  • 1 Medium sized finely chopped capsicum
  • 1 Medium sized finely chopped tomato
  • 100gm paneer chopped in small cube size
  • salt to taste
  • oregano
  • chilli flakes
  • 2 tablespoon Peri-Peri sauce
  • 2-3 tablespoon Butter
  • 2 Cheese Cube
  • 4 Bread Slice (Crusts removed)


  1. In a bowl add all the chopped vegetables- onions, capsicum, tomatoes and also add the small cubes of Paneer. Sprinkle half a tsp of salt, oregano and chili flakes.
  2. Now pour Peri-Peri sauce and mix all ingredients in the bowl well.
  3. Next, apply butter on the bread pieces and take a spoonful of the stuffing and spread it evenly on the bread pieces.
  4. Place a pan on flame and meanwhile grate cheese on the stuffed bread pieces.
  5. Once the pan is hot add butter and place the bread slice inside and cover it with lid. Cook for 1-2 minutes on low flame.
  6. Once the cheese melts and the bread base is crispy take it out on the serving plate.
  7. Follow the same procedure to make more Paneer toasts.

With help of pizza cutter, cut the Peri-Peri Paneer Toast into triangles and serve with Ketchup. That’s it.

Give this a try in your kitchen and you will love it for sure. Keep your comments and feedback coming, I love reading them. Don’t forget to drop one below!

Happy Cooking!


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