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30+ Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes – Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

What is Breakfast?

Breakfast is a meal consumed after waking from a night’s sleep. It is most often eaten in the early morning before tackling the day’s work. It is similar to breaking the fasting period of the previous night.

Breakfast stimulates your metabolism and helps you burn calories during the day. It keeps you energized enough to help you stay focused at work or and school. and helps you focus at work or school. Those are just a few reasons why it’s the most important meal of the day.

Eating breakfast is not just about stuffing our body but about eating mindfully to supply our body with all the vital nutrients.

Talking about Indian breakfast, there is a mind-boggling variety of options loaded with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, etc. The coexistence of cultures brings together flavors, and aromas making every meal a true feast. We have stuffed parathas from the heart of Punjab, poha from Maharashtra, upma from Southern India, and much more.

Importance of Breakfast

  1. Breakfast restores glucose levels which is an essential carbohydrate need by the brain to function.
  2. Studies have proven that eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration, it keeps our happy meter green, balances mood swings, and lower stress.
  3. Eating breakfast daily has long term benefits, it can help reduce weight, control high blood pressure, negate the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  4. Skipping breakfast to lose weight is a myth. A healthy breakfast helps you to control weight gain.

How to plan your breakfast?

  1. Jot a week’s breakfast plan on the weekend so you can get all ingredients well in advance.
  2. Instead of wasting time each morning on what to cook, plan it in the evening before. This way you can sort grinding soaking etc.
  3. Make sure you include dishes in breakfast that all enjoy. This will help you start your day in a cheerful mood.
  4. Repeating is boring, so it is wise to pick exciting recipes that are easy to cook and take less time preparing.
  5. Plan your mornings well, so you can enjoy breakfast with your entire family.
  6. On the days when you have to get to work early or for any other reason, prepare an on the go breakfast.
  7. Smoothies and milkshake recipes will come in handy when you don’t have time to cook, don’t forget to include them.

Here is a list of more than 30 Indian breakfast recipes that will make your mornings a bliss. From the kitchen households all over India, we have pinned down recipes that are healthy, low in calorie, quick, and are easy to make.

Top Breakfast Recipes

1. Kanda batata poha

From the households of Maharashtra, it’s a famous and traditional breakfast. It is also known as Kande Pohe and is perfect for breakfast and for tea time snacks. Cooked with Poha made with mild spices and peanuts that make for a healthy breakfast as it contains a high amount of proteins and iron.

2. Batata Poha

Yet another variation of Maharashtrian poha breakfast is aloo poha or batata poha. Potato poha has been and is still a regular breakfast recipe in many households all over India. It’s a quick, easy, and healthful dish to make.
Another benefit of this poha recipe is that it is light on the stomach and easy to digest.

3. Dadpe Pohe

A delightful evening snack recipe made with flattened rice. The poha or flattened rice is made differently. It is not cooked and instead is mixed with raw onions, tomato, grated carrot. The moisture and juices from the vegetables turn poha soft. The beautiful poha dish is then perfected further with a flavourful tadka with mustard seeds, asafoetida, peanuts, and curry leaves.

4. Bread Poha

Derived from the Maharashtrian poha recipe, bread poha is a great variation if you want to experiment. The fantastic tempering of veggies like onion, tomato, capsicum, spices, and herbs make for a tempting flavoring. Thi bread poha recipe is great for special occasions like office potlucks, kitty parties and even for family get-togethers.

5. Vegetable Rava/Suji Upma

A simple yet wholesome Vegetable Rava Upma Recipe also known as the sooji upma. Since it is loaded with vegetables, it makes a great start to your mornings, loaded with fiber and nutrients. Served along with chutney and coffee will bring together the breakfast feast.

6. Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli upma or Semiyan upma is a breakfast recipe from the kitchen households of South India. Semiya is also called shavige in Kannada.

It makes for a very fulfilling one-pot breakfast dish. Prepared with veggies like carrots, beans, etc and with aromatic herb tempering.

7. Puffed Rice Poha/Murmura Poha

Puffed rice poha or murmura poha is one of the easiest Indian breakfast recipes that can be prepared instantly.

It is prepared with readily available ingredients like onion, potato, puffed rice, and curry leaves. It is a scrumptious snack that you can not only have in the morning but also pack it for lunch. It caters to your taste buds and is abundant in protein, iron, and dietary fiber.

8. Khakhra Chivda

Looking for a healthy snack option or bored of the usual roti sabji? Khakhra chivda is just the solution for the above problems. As khakhras are made of wheat flour they are a very satiating and exciting treat for even for children to munch on.

Khakhra chivda can come handy when you have a surprise visit from guests. Or simply treat yourself with a plate of khakhra chivda along with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee.

9. Makhana Chivda

This recipe is not only high on health but on energy as well. Phool Makhana or lotus seeds is a powerhouse of nutrients, fiber and is low in calories.

It is loaded with almonds, cashew, raisins, coconut flakes, and much more. Be it tea time or kitty parties you are sure to have a great time munching on this delicious makhana chivda recipe.

10. Poha Chivda

A quick and tasty dry snack made from thin poha (flattened rice), dry fruits, peanuts, and spices. It is the favorite snack to kick of hunger pangs at any time of the day.

Poha chivda is mildly spiced and has the crisp texture from the roasted poha along with the nuttiness of dry fruits.
This savory dry snack can be made during Diwali festivities to serve your guests.

11. Oats Chivda

Oats chivda can be eaten as a light snack and it takes just a few minutes to prepare it. Pack it up for a tiffin box or serve as a Diwali savory snack. Also, you can make more quantity and store it in an airtight container.

Given numerous benefits of oats like it is a great source of protein and rich in soluble fiber, oats chivda is a salubrious snack.

12. Phool Makhana Munchies/Masala Makhana

It is a very simple snack and a salutary snack. Phool Makhana or lotus seeds are roasted and stirred with ghee, pepper powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and etc. Makhana namkeen or munchies is a pleasing and easy to prepare namkeen recipe for Navratri.

13. Instant Sooji Dhokla

It is a soft and fluffy healthy vegan snack that can be prepared easily. Even if you are a beginner cook, you can still try your hand at this sooji dhokla recipe.

With the right mix of chilies and spices, garnished with a tadka of curry leaves, you can serve it green chutney and ketchup. A must try!

14. Wheat Uttapam

Craving for uttapam but don’t have the required ingredients? Well, we have got you back. Wheat uttapam is a great substitute recipe for regular uttapam prepared from a batter similar to dosa. In fact, it is an instant and quick breakfast recipe prepared using wheat flour and topped with veggies like tomato and onion. It requires no grinding and can be easily prepared even by amateurs. Tastes great with onion tomato chutney or mint chutney.

15. Plain Paratha

If you are trying your hands at paratha for the first time, we advise you to begin with this recipe plain paratha.

A well made plain paratha, that is soft and flaky needs no accompaniment. The way they are made they can remain soft for several hours so packing it up for lunch can be a great option.

Additionally, serve it with butter, chutney, or pickle, and you are sorted for breakfast.

16. Mint Coriander Paratha

Mint and Coriander are herbs that are aromatic and sensitive to their shelf life.

Pudina and Dhaniya paratha is a quick stuffed paratha recipe and preparing it is a cakewalk. Soft flaky and a fancy looking pudina dhania paratha is pleasing. Serve it with pickles and a hot cup of tea.

17. Aloo Paratha

Why is having Aloo paratha for breakfast amazing? Firstly, the addition of herbs and spice make it flavorful, secondly, the view of butter gliding and melting on the top is mouth-watering and lastly, it is a powerhouse of energy. Aloo Paratha is a popular breakfast recipe from the households of Punjab. It is served with pickle, Makhan, and finished off with lassi!

18. DryFruit Paratha

There are zillion varieties of paratha, but have you ever tried dry fruit paratha?

An innovative and truly delicious dry fruit paratha is rich in vitamins and is heart-friendly. The recipes aim to fulfill the temptations of taste buds healthily.

19. Moong Dal Paratha

Parathas are a great choice for beginning the day with a wholesome breakfast. A moong dal paratha is a good source of protein and dietary fiber. It is also rich in potassium and is easily digestible. A good option for a kid’s lunch box.

20. Achaari Masala Paratha

Don’t we love the flavors that tickle our taste buds? Here is a paratha recipe for achaari masala paratha that will need no accompaniments.

They’re perfect for on the goroutine, just roll them up and carry on with your tasks.

21. Kachche Kele Ke Parathe

Don’t we love raw banana chips? To take a step further here is a perfect recipe for raw banana or Kachche Kele ke Parathe. Since raw bananas contain fiber and healthy starch they are beneficial for our health. Another great thing is that raw bananas also help in reducing weight, so this paratha recipe can be handy all the time. Eat paratha guilt-free.

22. Palak Paratha

Don’t let anyone tell you that parathas are unhealthy. If the ingredients are right the recipe is always right. The health benefits of palak or spinach are numerous and making palak paratha is the best way to include in your daily diets.

Serve Palak paratha with lemon or mango pickle and curd or Makhan.

23. Methi Thepla

Methi thepla or fenugreek flatbreads are made from fresh fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour, and bajre ka atta or pearl millet flour. The best thing about cooking these methi theplas’ is that you can munch on these any time of the day. Although kids despise greens, they will love methi thepla.

24. Besan Chilla

Another famous breakfast recipe that is relished by millions is Besan ka chilla.

It is an Indian, savory pancake perfect for breakfast or brunch. Chilla is an effortless and prompt vegetarian. Serve these light and fluffy Indian pancakes with some tomato ketchup or mint chutney.

25. Bread Chilla

A great way of using old bread and turning it into a salubrious breakfast dish. Bread Chilla is nutritious as it uses vegetables like capsicum, carrots, etc. To have a yummy experience serve it with masala dahi and green chutney or ketchup.

26. Oats Chilla

The oats chilla is a delicious chela recipe made from oats and is ready within 15 minutes.

A power-packed oats chilla will keep all hunger pangs away and keep you full. So no more unnecessary munching!

You can also pack it up for your kid’s lunch box. A little semolina and besan help bring the batter together and enhance the taste.

27. Vegetarian French Toast/Besan Toast

Veg. French toast tastes exactly like the original french toast but, we can it is BEST!

The french toast is made dipping bread in the besan batter that has spices and veggies and then roasted on a griddle using minimum oil.

A fun and amazing breakfast recipe.

28. Cheese Potato Rosti

A breakfast recipe that is Swiss made. Rosti is a potato-based dish made by mixing grated potatoes with veggies, cheese, spices, and herbs.

A perfect recipe for a summery weekend.

29. Poha Salad

For mornings when you do not feel like cooking, Poha salad is a boon. It is easy to prepare nutritious recipes that are low in calories. It can be eaten as a salad, snack, and breakfast as well.

You can add in your favorite veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, and fruits like pomegranate and make it tastier.

30. Healthy Protein Bar

Protein Bars have become a norm after workouts as they are an easy way to build muscle mass and repair damaged tissue while exercising.

But the recipe here for protein bars not only for the gym enthusiasts but for all of you. These are so tasty and healthy that you can serve them during festivities as well.

31. Healthy Dry Fruit Milkshake

A glass full of healthy creamy and a delicious milkshake made with dry fruits and nuts is LOVE!

For all the hustlers, a glass of this shake will provide you a good amount of protein and calcium and a good boost of energy.

So make it a part of your daily diet!

Kickstart your day with these easy to make, simple and wholesome breakfast recipes for beginners as well as expert kitchen chefs.


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