how to buy a good mixer grinder

How to buy a good mixer grinder?

Can you imagine yourself working in your kitchen without a mixer grinder? Do you have enough time to use the grinding stone to get your ingredients into small pieces? Probably No! That is why you are here. Right? 

In this fast-moving world where one hardly finds time to cook, imagining a kitchen without a grinder is no less than a nightmare. Mixer grinders have made our lives a lot easy and convenient and have become an indispensable kitchen staple. However, with countless numbers of options available in the market, picking the right one is not easy.

Here, the catch lies in getting a grinder that can cater to your grinding needs and budget as well. So here is how you can get started to find a good mixer grinder that can live up to your expectations.

What factors should you consider when buying a mixer grinder?

Type of mixer grinder

Mixer grinders are usually available in two formats – traditional mixers and stand mixers. Stand mixers can be thought of as powerful mixers that can quickly grind multiple ingredients and are extensively used for kneading dough and whipping cream. They are primarily used for baking desserts and cakes in bakeries and food industries.

On the contrary, traditional mixers are household mixers that come in a compact size to fit into the kitchen model and are used for grinding ingredients in small batches as required for household needs. Thus, you can consider picking on one that well suits your purpose of buying a mixer.


The mixer blades are responsible for doing all the work and thus need to be of good quality. Stainless steel of 304 grade stands to the best-suited material for blades. Therefore you can consider going in for the same to ensure that the blades provide resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Also, you need to know that the better the quality of blades, the better is their sharpness.


While purchasing a mixer grinder, make sure that you check out its power consumption. The power rating of mixer grinders can vary from 500 to 1000 Watts. Higher power wattage ensures easy and speedy grinding of the ingredients, but it will consume more electricity and tend to be expensive. So, choose the model that suits your budget and grinding requirements. Make sure you buy a mixer grinder with a power wattage count somewhere between 500 to 750 watts.


Now, when we talk about jars, it’s not just the number of jars that come along with the mixer but also their size that you will need for grinding purposes. For instance, when you live in a joint family and have multiple members to cook for, you cannot think of going in for a grinder that comes with small jars. 

This decision will all the more make your cooking tasks difficult as you will have to grind the things again and again due to the small jar size. In such a case, a feasible decision is to buy a grinder that has bigger-sized jars that can grind bigger batches in one go. Hence, considering the family size, you can decide the jar size that suits you well.

On the other hand, the more jars you have, you will get the option of better versatility for grinding purposes. So a grinder with multiple jars can help you perform your kitchen activities as per your cooking need.


The speed of a mixer grinder is measured in RPM and varies from 18000 RPM to 25000 RPM. The higher the RPM count is, the fast the blades can rotate in a minute and effectively grind the ingredients. For a regular kitchen, a mixer grinder with 18000 RPM to 22000 RPM is enough. Apart from this, make sure your grinder has a speed control knob to switch between the speed settings as per the need.

Overload protection

Usually, people have a habit of overfilling the jars while grinding. They tend to operate the grinders for prolong time. As a result, the motor of the mixer can burn, owing to the overload pressure it puts on the motor. In order to avoid this situation, some brands equip the grinders with overload protection. Getting a grinder with an overload protection feature can prevent the machine from such damages and breakdown. It can save your invested money and the inconvenience that you may have to face to get the mixer repaired.


When you have spent a considerable amount of money buying a mixer grinder, you would expect the same to serve you prolonged services. Thus, the next thing that you need to look for is the warranty period that the company offers. It enables you to get your product replaced in case a defect arises, though there may be certain restrictions to the same in terms of manufacturing defects and accidental defects.

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While these are the essential factors you should remember when buying a mixer grinder, there are many more such as price, maintenance, brand, etc. Do your proper research and find out the models that suit your needs the best & then finalize your decision. 

All the Best! Happy Shopping.

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