delicious fasting recipes for shravan

14 Delicious Fasting Recipes For Shravan Month

The auspicious month of Shravan or Sawan – the fifth month in the Hindu calendar and is considered to be a sacred one. In entire west India, especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra most of the Hindus fast for the entire month or on specific days of the week. 

Shravan is on its full swing and with it comes the responsibility of cooking something which is salt-free, sans onion and garlic yet appetizing and healthy. Too much to ask for? Do not fret; I have come to your rescue with some special Shravan Mahina Recipes which are easy fasting recipes. 

Vrat ka khana is not at all boring, in fact, sattvik feast can be really good for you, physically and mentally. Moreover, it not all about the main course upvaas food items there are recipes for fasting desserts as well. So you are not missing anything at all 

What is Shravan? 

Shravan month is considered to be the holiest month of the year according to the Hindu calendar. It is said that on Poornima, the full moon day, or at any day during this month, the Shravan Nakshatra rules skies and that is how the month gets its name. 

In this month, many Hindus fast on Mondays to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and on Tuesdays to be blessed by the goddess Parvati. It is the best time to perform all important religious ceremonies. 

Each Monday in the month of Shravan, devotees bathe the Shivling with holy water and milk and they also present it with bael leaves, water, milk, curd, butter, ghee, or jaggery. Devotees fast till the sun goes down and they burn Akahand jot throughout the night. 

The Importance of Shravan month 

The mention of Samundra Manthan is also very important to understand the significance of this month. Apart from the 14 kinds of holy things came out, countless amount of gems and jewels along with the poison (Halahal) came out of the ocean as well. Demons and Gods had no idea that the poison was potent enough to destroy everything. This is when Lord Shiva intervened and drank and stored poison in his throat and it eventually turned his throat blue. Lord Shiva, to control the side effects of poison, Shiva had to wear a crescent moon on his head and other Gods started offering him the holy water from the river Ganga. Since all of this took place in the month of Shravan, the month is highly auspicious. 

Importance of fasting in the month of Shravan 

It is noticed that worshipping Lord Shiva and observing fast during this month gives devotees peace, happiness, and success. According to the ancient belief, Monday is lord shiva’s favorite day during the month of Shravan, when someone observes fast, Lord Shiva fulfills all their dreams and makes them happy. 

For the fast, are is a comprehensive Shravan Menu, you can eat fruits, drink juice, and milk products such as lassi, chass, apart from that you can consume sabudana, kheer, and Makhan. However, one’s observing fast should avoid the food cooked with regular salt, onion, and garlic. In the vrat, you must drink the water to remain healthy and control the hydration. You can indulge in many vrat recipes such as Kaddu ki sabzi, Sabudana Vada, Loki halwa, Sabudana kheer, Suki Arbi, Sabudana Ladoo, Sweet potato, Sabudana Khichdi, Banana Kofta, etc,

Do’s in the Somvar fast: 

  • Eating healthy is essential for those people who fast for the whole month. Moreover, they should eat healthy food, fruits, and drink juices. 
  • Eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. You can eat all vegetables except for the beans. 
  • Make sure the house is spick and span and later sprinkle the gangajal. 
  • In lunch, apart from the potato recipes for fast, you have vegetables and include rich sources of proteins like cottage cheese or soya. Also, you can eat a few nuts, dates, and raisins. 
  • Wear clean clothes and then worship the lord shiva. 
  • Read vrat Katha every Monday. 
  • Chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” cleans the mind and body of negative energy. 

Don’ts in the Somvar upvas: 

  • Don’t eat leafy vegetables too fast. 
  • Devotees do not drink alcohol during Shravan fast. 
  • Don’t eat non-vegetarian food. 
  • Don’t eat food prepared using onion and garlic. 
  • Do not eat breakfast in between Somvar vrat.

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Best Vrat Recipes for Shravan Mahina Fasting:

1. Stuffed Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada with a twist is what we would like to call it. The crunchy taste of outer layer with flavorful stuffing is a delight to your taste buds. The golden brown palatable vadas/balls are a delight to your eyes way before you taste it. Accompany it with sweet yogurt(curd) or green chutney for enhanced flavors.

Watch the recipe video below:-

2. Farali Sabudana Khichadi

It is the most widely made dishes in all the household of Gujarat and Maharashtra while observing fast all round the year as well. If you are looking at something that is healthy, instant to cook but also filing Sabudana Khichadi is your mate. It can fill in as a breakfast, snack or also light dinner. So go ahead and find out the easiest way to prepare it.

Watch the recipe video below:-

3. Farali Sabudana Potato Rosti

This one’s uniqueness got us featured in Ahmedabad Mirrior’s Shravan special page. Yet another variant of sabudana, Sabudana Potato Rosti will not only satisfy your tongue but also the little health conscious voice in your head. This dish satisfies your much needed requirements of carbohydrates and starch to fill the energy gap in fast. Prepared with negligible amount of oil, these scrumptious Rostis will give you the flavor blast of tangy, sweet and spicy tikkis all at once. You can devour them with masala curd / green chutney or sweet yogurt.

Watch the recipe video below:-

4. Farali Vada

Prepared primarily with potato and Rajgira flour these crispy vada are definitely worth a shot. Prepared within half an hour these vadas will give you happy and full belly. We bet you won’t be able to stop at just one because of its welcoming color and enticing smell. You can serve them as vadas and tikkis both. Masala curd(yogurt) or green chutney compliments it the best.

Watch the recipe video below:-

5. Farali Jeera Aloo Ki Sabji

Be it any pooja or festivities, an Aloo ki Sabji is a must. It just tastes amazingly good and at the same is made with humble ingredients. Jeera Aloo ki Sabji and Puri either made with Kuttu flour or Rajgira flour is an ideal meal during a Fast. Not only it keeps your stomach full but also is a treat to your palate.

Here is a great fasting meal option and easy steps to prepare it.

Watch the recipe video below:-

6. Farali Rajgira Sheera

The festivities of Shravan last for almost a month. People like to offer prayers to their deities by fasting as well. To keep you pepped up during the fast I have a perfect sweet dish that you will love and surely end up making during any fast. Rajgira Sheera is delicious and is as easy to prepare. You will be surprised by the quality of the dish that is result of just fewer ingredients.

Watch the recipe video below:-

7. Farali Bhakarwadi

Sometime the tastiest of the daily snack items can also be converted into fast snacks. Bhakarwadi is one such favorite bite size snack that’s packed with flavors and spices. Farali Bhakarwadi is one such snack that will encourage you to keep fast as you won’t miss out on anything delicious. It’s crunchy, it’s soft and it’s a must eat. This step by step guide will help you to make this superb bite size snack.

Watch the recipe video below:-

8. Farali Makhana Cutlet

Makhana also known as Fox Nuts, are a part of Lotus flower. They are not only light in weight but also on stomach. It is one of favorite and superior fasting food and is much better than other dry fruits such as almond, cashew nuts etc. Makhana strengthens the body, reduces burning sensation and quenches thirst. Farali Makhan Cutlet is one such amazing and instant recipe with plenty health benefits, so eat them as much as want that too guilt free.

Watch the recipe video below:-

9. Phool Makhana Munchies

Phool Makhana is also known as lotus seeds. These seeds are extremely healthy, light as well as digestible. This recipe is a lot flavorful a due the addition of spices. Roasted Phool Makhana recipe will keep hunger pangs at bay. It is a must have during Fast. Its high-fiber content avoids constipation, helps the body to flush out the waste and prevents the accumulation of toxins.

Watch the recipe video below:-

10. Rajgira Puri

Made from Rajgira flour also called Amaranth flour is absolutely gluten free. Rajgira Puri is one of the favorite dishes to have during fast. Rajgira Puri is best pared with Aloo Ki Sabji and is simply delectable. Rajgira is a power house of nutrients and became an important part of our fasting ritual. Rajgira is a good source of calcium, protein and amino acids and is rich in iron, magnesium and Vitamin A, B and C too. I have an instant and tasty recipe for the Rajgira Puri.

Watch the recipe video below:-

11. Vrat Wale Dahi Aloo

If you thought you have to eat bland food throughout the Upvas period such as during Navaratri then you are highly mistaken. Vrat Wale Dahi Aloo recipe is so amazing and flavorful that you will have a gala time during fast. You will, in fact, look forward to fast or end up making it on regular days. There is a right amount of piquancy from curd that is added to the dish. It is a must try and you should relish it with Rajgira Puri.

Watch the recipe video below:-

12. Farali Green Chutney

This is a recipe you all must be waiting for. For the Sabudana Vada, Farali Bhakarwadi, Farali Makhana Cutlet and etc you have got the perfect match with Farali green chutney. It is made instantly and is quite delicious. I love when cuisine is sorted into its details. You will love this Farali Green Chutney so do try it.

Watch the recipe video below:-

13. Farali Namkeen Cake

The name is exciting enough, isn’t it? I believe in working with a variety of flour and for this Farali Namkeen Cake, I have used barnyard millet. It is gluten-free and easy to digest which make it my absolute favorite ingredient. Consume the cake as is or just stir fry and enjoy this delectable tempered cake.

Watch the recipe video below:-

14. Farali Tandoori Platter

Here is an exotic Farali Tandoori Platter recipe just for you. Paneer, boiled potato slices among Sabudana vada are marinated well with two different seasonings and then roasted. This will give you a fine dining experience at home. Get together with your folks and enjoy this superb dish together. You will be appreciated for your pro cooking skills for this one.

Watch the recipe video below:-

We understand your cooking woes when it comes to Farali food. The most dreaded question of ‘Aaj kya banau?’ comes to an end with us. Explore our site to get some amazing yet easy dishes which you can have at different occasions. Do let us know which shravan recipe is your favorite out of these, so that we can come up with some more delightful food only for you.

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