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Lilva Bread Roll Recipe


 I love experimenting and I will never get enough of it. If you have tried Lilva kachori, you know what I am talking about and those who haven’t, guys where in the world are you. It is the specialty of Gujarat, and a must-have when you visit the state. Today’s […]

palak paratha recipe

Palak Paratha Recipe


 You know what makes a winter interesting? Any guess? Well, I would say FOOD! The aroma from the kitchen coming from the parantha being cooked on tawa (griddle), Sarson da saag and Makki ki roti with Makhan. Whoa! Today’s recipe is for Palak Paratha, the easiest and tastiest way to […]

prevent potato sprouting

How to Prevent Potatoes From Sprouting


 Potato is Love! Isn’t it! An ingredient so versatile that it can literally go into any dish and turn it into a delight. French fries, potato wedges, Pani Puri, potato chips, I think world would be black and white without potatoes! These and more of the dishes will be incomplete […]

packaged food

How to Eat Packaged Foods the Right Way


 Packaged foods are foods that are sealed in a crate, bag, can or other containers. They are marketed in the supermarket and stores in their packages. Some examples of pre-packaged foods are – Ready-to-eat frozen appetizers Crackers and granola bars Ice cream, cakes, and cookies Pop and juice Pre-washed salad […]

garlic chutney recipe
Sauces and Dips

Garlic Chutney Recipe – 2 Ways


 There is a mind-boggling variety of chutney originating in India. Dry, sweet, sour, spicy, made with all kinds of vegetables. Today I have not one but two recipes for Garlic chutney. The dry chutney is spicy and can be used in making other dishes, while the sweet garlic chutney will […]