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Farali Makhana Cutlet


 It happens to us a lot of time that whilst fasting period we run of options to cook. And then end up cooking the same over and over again and it makes the feast less exciting. The reason is being less awareness about ingredients. The key is to mix and […]

adrak masala chai tea

Adrak Masala Chai


 We Indians love our chai! No doubt in that, right? But when it comes to ginger tea, our love for chai grows infinitely more. From your Dadaji to your college-going siblings – there’s something about Adrak Masala Wali Chai that makes everyone crave that one slurp. Apart from being a […]

moong dal pakode

Crispy Moong Dal Pakode


 Our obsession with Moong dal pakoda is undeniable. The vendors selling these hot pakodas with grated radish and lip-smacking green chili chutney simply make our mouth water and you can eat only one plate- said no one ever. These pakoda sell like hotcakes and are also called Ram laddoos especially […]