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grapes pickle recipe
Sauces and Dips

Grapes Pickle Recipe


 Over thousand pages can be written for the pickle, its history, types, and varieties. Well, I don’t want to bore you with being a Wikipedia. I am all about exciting and unique recipes. I have already told how my kitchen is no less than a scientist lab! Experimenting is the […]

batata vada recipe

Mumbai Style Batata Vada Recipe


 A rainy evening, a plate of hot and divine Batata vada with your favorite cuppa tea and lots of Gup Shupp. Wow! I yearn for these special evening and you already know what makes it special. YASS! So basically Batata Vada, also known as aloo bonda, is a popular Maharashtrian […]

baingan masala sabzi

Baingan Masala Sabzi Recipe


 Despite zillion options for sabji are you still cooking the same over and over again? It happens we do get confused on what special to cook daily or weekly. I am sure you must have made Baigan ka Bhartha, aloo baingan with or without gravy many times. But have you […]

aloo paratha recipe

Aloo Paratha Recipe


 Piping hot Aloo Parantha with butter melting on top along with pickle, Ghar ka Makhan and by its side is a glass full of lassi malai maarke. Ahh haa! An ideal Punjabi breakfast. Isn’t it? They are so versatile that they go perfectly with Chai or Coffee. No matter Aloo […]

Vaghareli Masala Khichdi Recipe
Gujarati, Rice

Vaghareli Khichdi Recipe


 Khichdi is a wholesome and comforting meal, made with a combination of rice and either green or yellow lentils. It is lightly spiced; it can be eaten plain with curd or pickle. It is a wholesome meal that has the perfect balance of nutrients. The combination of rice, lentils provides […]

malpua recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Malpua Recipe


 It’s a dessert that is popular in nearly every street and household across India and the subcontinent. Did you know that Malpua is India’s oldest known dessert? Malpua are small deep fried pancakes that are soaked in a sugary syrup, come in various forms across India. The first references can […]

thandai recipe

Thandai Recipe – Holi Special Recipe


 A festival is incomplete without special desserts and delicacies, and Holi makes it merrier as gorging on rich and savory dishes is an add-on to the carnival of colors. To make your celebrations extra sweet, here is a recipe for Thandai/Sardai that would brighten up your spirits. It is nutty, […]