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hot chocolate recipe
Beverages, Kid Friendly

Hot Chocolate Recipe


 Today’s recipe is everyone’s favorite the good old Hot Chocolate. One can already imagine the aroma, the creamy texture, the chocolaty flavor just a single gulp makes you weak in the knees. Trust me when I say that it is as healthy as and keep your energy up at all […]

shakkarpara recipe

Shakkarpara Recipe – Shankarpali Recipe


 Shankarpali or shakkarpara is an Indian bite-sized snack and is popular in Western India, especially in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Traditionally relished as a treat on Diwali. It is loaded in carbohydrates, making it an immediate source of energy. Try this authentic recipe of shakkarpara and you will be amazed […]

rose kaju katli recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Rose Petals Kaju Katli Recipe


 If you were to ask anyone in India with a sweet tooth what their favorite traditional sweet is, they’d say it’s Kaju Katli. This favorite sweet is made of cashews and is quite rich. And, it’s definitely the one sweet that’s most in demand during festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, […]

tomato tadka khichdi recipe

Tomato Tadka Khichdi Recipe


 We Indian love tangy spicy and delicious food. Food that satisfies not only the hunger but soul as well. But how do we react to Khichdi? Some of you may roll over your eyes or make faces. What if I told you that even Khichdi can be tangy, flavorful and […]

gujarati kadhi recipe
Dal, Gujarati

Gujarati Kadhi Recipe


 “KADHI” is solely a yogurt based gravy dish that is solidified with chickpea flour and tempered and later simmered with some fascinating Indian spices. Every region in India has their individual way of preparing Kadhi – you get Punjabi Kadhi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Maharashtrian Kadhi, and Gujarati Kadhi. Kadhi is a […]

maggi soupy khichdi recipe

Maggi Soupy Khichdi Recipe


 The simple Khichdi is an essential evening meal of a number of Gujaratis. Its quality of being readily digestible, Khichdi has ruled the kitchen due to its ease of making and the flexibility of mixing and harmonizing ingredients. But over the past few years, there has been an explosion of […]