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gujarati kadhi recipe
Dal, Gujarati

Gujarati Kadhi Recipe


 “KADHI” is solely a yogurt based gravy dish that is solidified with chickpea flour and tempered and later simmered with some fascinating Indian spices. Every region in India has their individual way of preparing Kadhi – you get Punjabi Kadhi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Maharashtrian Kadhi, and Gujarati Kadhi. Kadhi is a […]

maggi soupy khichdi recipe

Maggi Soupy Khichdi Recipe


 The simple Khichdi is an essential evening meal of a number of Gujaratis. Its quality of being readily digestible, Khichdi has ruled the kitchen due to its ease of making and the flexibility of mixing and harmonizing ingredients. But over the past few years, there has been an explosion of […]

chana dal sabji recipe
Curries, Sabzi

Chana Dal Sabji Recipe


 I like a dal/ sabji which is versatile, by that I mean it can be eaten with rice and for a change, it can also be eaten with chapati. Split Bengal gram is the most popular legume from many Indian Lentils consumed. Not only both the eating experiences are different […]

rava kesari recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Rava Kesari Recipe


 A great dish not only tastes great but looks great as well. Rava Kesari is one such sweet dish that has a beautiful orange color with a delectable taste. Kesari bath is a very easy dish and is commonly known as Sooji Halwa or Sheera in Northern India. A very […]