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rajasthani kadhi recipe
Dal Recipes

Traditional Rajasthani Kadhi Recipe


 Kadhi is one versatile dish which can be had with rice, khichdi and roti. Each region in India had a distinct taste and way of preparing Kadhi. Hailing from Gujarati household, I prefer balanced sweet and sour Kadhi in contrast to spicy Rajasthani Kadhi. Rajasthani Kadhi, unlike any kadhi, has […]

paneer grilled sandwich
Kids Lunch Box, Snacks

Paneer Grilled Sandwich Recipe


 Paneer Grilled Sandwich is by far the best Grilled Sandwich you will ever have. If you don’t believe it, try this recipe. Soaked in spice and curd marination for minutes and then cooked and finally grilled, it worth your time and your efforts! This grilled paneer sandwich recipe is a […]

gujarati khichdi
Dal Recipes

Gujarati Khichdi Recipe


 And we all know how Khichdi comes in handy. It is a go-to meal for busy weeknights or a dull Sunday or on a day when you do not feel like cooking anything elaborate yet you do make sure that it is a healthy meal. The best way to serve […]

pav bhaji

Mumbai Street Style Pav Bhaji Recipe


 Mumbai enjoys recognition as a food haven as it serves the all-time-favorite snack – Pav Bhaji. Though almost every Indian restaurant has this Mumbaiya specialty on its menu, the experience of gorging on a Pav Bhaji in Mumbai is unmatched. The hot, spicy, flavorful Bhaji is served with crunchy onions […]

makhana chivda

Makhana Chivda Recipe – Diwali Special


 This Diwali season, don’t compromise on your health. Keeping in mind the nutritious benefits of Makhanas, I have come up with this healthy yet delicious Makhana Chivda Recipe. The benefits of eating this desi snack are endless and very well known in every Indian household but its time to eat […]