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Appetizer Recipes

Dahi Ke Kebab Recipe


 It is not easy to make new snack each time you have a get-together. So here I am with a new appetizer recipe, that is extremely easy to make and it tastes simply heavenly! Dahi kebabs or Dahi ke kebab are a favorite vegetarian bite option to cook on special […]

mango iced tea

Mango Iced Tea Recipe – Summer Special


 If you thought Iced tea is just about providing a refreshing boost. Think twice. It not only soothes the stress bus also fulfills the unique requirement of minerals you didn’t know about. Despite the temperature, it is served at, tea abundance of good things. Throughout various researches, one of the […]

achari paratha recipe
Kid Friendly, Roti/Paratha

Achari Masala Paratha Recipe


 Indian cuisine is incomplete without its bread- which is in many forms. Chapati, Puri, Parathas and more. There are mind-boggling varieties of Puri and Paranthas. Paranthas are savored all over India as a major breakfast option and whenever the hunger pangs strike. Talking about the variations there are simply so […]