chana dal sabji recipe
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Chana Dal Sabji Recipe

I like a dal/ sabji which is versatile, by that I mean it can be eaten with rice and for a change, it can also be eaten with chapati. Split Bengal gram is the most popular legume from many Indian Lentils consumed. Not only both the eating experiences are different […]

baingan masala sabzi

Baingan Masala Sabzi Recipe

Despite zillion options for sabji are you still cooking the same over and over again? It happens we do get confused on what special to cook daily or weekly. I am sure you must have made Baigan ka Bhartha, aloo baingan with or without gravy many times. But have you […]

aloo pyaaz ki sabzi recipe

Potato Onion Sabzi Recipe

We all become a tad too lazy to buy the groceries at the right time. Don’t we? You do realize the mistake when you are “rumbly in your tumbly”. But don’t you worry because I have your back (or shall I say tummy) covered. Even if you are left with […]

white jeera aloo subji recipe

Jeera Aloo Sabzi Recipe

The recipe today that I have for you has many names- Aloo Jeera, Aloo Ki Sukhi (Dry) Sabji or even Aloo ki Safaid (White- due to the color) Sabji. The name of the dish is always dependent on the ingredients that go into it. It is the most simple dish […]

surti undhiyu recipe

Instant Gujarati Undhiyu Recipe

Cold wintery nights, cozy blankets and a smoking hot bowl of UNDHIYU. It’s a fact every household in Gujarat extremely enjoys this seasonal vegetable delight along with muthiya (fried fritters). Though a regional delicacy of Surat, varied version are made all over Gujarat. Traditionally made in earthen pot which is […]