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basket pizza
Appetizers, Kids Lunch Box

Basket Pizza Recipe


 Kids today are extremely choosy for the food they want to eat. They love pizzas, burgers, and everything that is not cooked at home. So the mothers have to be the masters of disguise. Kids love dishes that not only taste good but they should look appealing too. Today’s recipe […]


Mumbai Style Veg Tawa Pulao Recipe


 Mumbai is loaded with delectable street food and one can’t get enough of it. We all have savored Mumbai tawa Pulao and wondered about the recipe. Mumbai style tawa Pulao is one pot meal comfort food which can be prepared with surprisingly minimal efforts. The dish is loaded with the […]

kache aam ki sabji

Raw Mango Curry Recipe


 It is the season of the Mangoes, La La La! Ain’t that, right? I am sure you guys are already binge eating mangoes. There are so many dishes and drinks one can make with mangoes and raw ones too. Mango shake, Sorbet, Ice-cream, sweet dishes, chutney etc. While mangoes are […]

mango chocolate smoothie recipe

Mango Chocolate Smoothie Recipe


 Extremely delicious, creamy, chocolately and Calcium rich is what describes today’s recipe i.e. Mango Chocolate Smoothie! On a hot day, this drink will provide you a quick energy boost. It is best for kids and adults alike. It’s nutritious and a healthy meal replacement. The smoothie is a no-brainer, all […]

pulpy mango milkshake

Pulpy Mango Milkshake Recipe


 In an Indian family, Mango milkshake is a must during summers. Sunny season is incomplete without consuming mangos or mango milkshakes or in fact anything related to mangoes. Pulpy and extremely juicy mangoes are a lot of people’s weakness. Mango Milkshake is the easiest and hands down the most satisfying […]

cheesy dip recipe
Kids Lunch Box

Creamy Cheesy Dip Recipe


 I will tell you what; all you need is few minutes and scant ingredients to make this luscious Cheesy Dip. Be it Paratha, Nachos, Chips or Finger food, they can be well teamed with your favorite cheese dip. The creamy texture and the soul-satisfying taste makes you go weak in […]

Chinese Veg Spring Roll Recipe
Appetizers, Chinese

Chinese Veg Spring Roll Recipe


 Spring roll is the perfect starter dish when it comes to parties and entertaining the guests with. It’s also a first choice for the starters when families go to restaurants. Vegetable spring rolls being a favorite have found its availability on streets as well. Be it a post restaurant, or […]

sooji halwa recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Suji Halwa/Sheera Recipe


 More than 80 types of sheera recipes that exist in our rich cultural treasure Suji ka Halwa definitely top the list due to its deep flavor, texture and aroma. Sooji Halwa or Rava Sheera is an absolute no brainer when it comes to kathas or poojas. Fairly unfussy to cook, […]