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suji ke pakode - instant rava pakora

Instant Rava Pakora – Suji ke Pakode Recipe


 For all the small get together, the host has to come up with new dishes to make the gathering interesting! Right? I have an instant recipe that is fresh and packed with perfect crunch- Semolina fritters – Rava/Suji ke Pakode! These bite-size snacks are great appetizers. Made with easily available […]

dal fry tadka recipe
Dal Recipes

Dal Fry Restaurant Style – Tadka Dal


 The ultimate favorite dal of Indians no matter wherever you, every restaurant serves dal tadka. Its simplicity yet the striking tempering makes it nothing less but delectable. It tastes amazing with the Tandoori roti or homemade chapati. Here I have the perfect recipe for a Restaurant style dal tadka, your […]

Jeera Rice
Rice Recipes

Jeera Rice Recipe


 Ever wondered how the restaurants have perfected the technique to cook grainy and beautiful Jeera Rice. The amazing thing about this dish is the versatility and tastes delectable with almost any gravy dish or dal (Specially Dal Tadka & Dal Makhani). You can save a lot of time while making […]

mexican Idli pakoda recipe
Kids Lunch Box, Snacks

Mexican Idli Pakora Recipe


 I generally don’t crave for Mexican and South Indian food together, but when I do, I make Mexican Idli Pakoda! Yasss! My kitchen is no less than a scientist’s lab (HAHA) Well I love experimenting and this led me to try this unique combination of Mexican, South Indian, and North […]

schezwan sev

Schezwan Sev Recipe – Indian Snack Recipes


 Schezwan Soup? Check. Schezwan Noodles? Check. Schezwan Sauce? Check. Schezwan Sev? Yes, you read that right. Desi Snack with a Chinese twist! Schezwan Sev tastes great and is very similar to the crunchy schezwan noodles. Normally you must have already tried making Sev, Aloo Sev, Aloo Bhujiya, Mint Sev, Aloo […]

Palak Mathri Recipe

Palak Mathri Recipe


 To be honest, kids aren’t much fond of green leafy vegetables. But they are much essential part of the diet. Palak or spinach is a super food with an array of health benefits. Not only rich in iron, it is one of the principal resources of pigments, vitamins & minerals. […]