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Tahini Sauce for Creamy Hummus
Sauces and Dips

Homemade Tahini Sauce


 Tahini sauce/dip is made from toasted sesame seeds. It is served as a dip on its own and it is also a major component in Middle Eastern dishes like hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush and halva. Apart from being used in the eastern Mediterranean region and the Middle East, it is […]

Sauteed Veggies Recipe
Soups and Salads

Sauteed Vegetables Recipe


 Sautéing is the way to pan fry the vegetables in a very small amount of oil. Normally, eating vegetables like French beans, carrot, zucchini, capsicum, and onion etc can sometimes be boring and we do make face while eating them. But stir-frying the same veggies and adding sauces and spices […]

Choco Nuts & Choco Dip Modak Recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Choco Nuts & Choco Dip Modak Recipe


 Celebrations on Ganesha Chaturthi are incomplete without a plateful of Lord Ganpati’s favorite modaks. These sweet dumplings are a special treat to lord Ganpati and to us as well. While one can always buy modak from sweet shops, but there is certain happiness and satisfaction in making them at home. […]

Medu Vada Chaat Recipe
Jain Recipes, Snacks

Medu Vada Chaat Recipe


 Medu Vada is bae! Isn’t it! A bite that is crusty outside and fluffy inside, dipped in sambhar tastes splendid! One of the top favorite south Indian quick foods that makes you full instantly wand leaves you asking for more. Well, you may wonder that today’s recipe is for Medu […]

flavored coconut ladoo
Deserts and Sweets

5 Flavored Coconut Ladoo Recipe


 Isn’t it true when someone says ‘the more the merrier’? Well to me this idiom makes sense for today’s recipe. Coconut Ladoo made with not one or two but five lip-smacking flavors namely- Rose, Chocolate, Coffee, Orange, and Cardamom. Don’t sweat, because this is the easiest and quick recipe and […]