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khasta dhaniya stripes
Kids Lunch Box, Snacks

Khasta Dhaniya Stripes Recipe


 Around festive season, you expect a lot of (unexpected) guests. It is always better to serve homemade snacks because they are not only tasty but are healthy and unadulterated as well. You can make mathri, sweet dishes, and other snackable items. Khasta Dhaniya Stripe recipe is one such snack recipe […]

bhaji pav roll recipe
Kids Lunch Box, Snacks

Bhaji Pav Roll Recipe


 Who doesn’t love Pav Bhaji? & what about super crunchy and yummylicious bread rolls? I mean we are only human and (delicious) food is our weakness. And the answer is everybody loves and relishes both the dishes. So why not combine both? Again a baby of my food experiment and […]

Nutty Coconut Halwa Recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Nutty Coconut Halwa Recipe


 Did you the word Halwa is of Arabic origin “hilwa”, meaning sweet. It’s our favorite sweet treat hands down. Varieties of Halwa is absolutely stunning, there Sooji and Atte ka Halwa, pretty basic, and then we have Moong dal Halwa, carrot Halwa, badaam halwa and even aloo ka halwa. Today […]

Shrikhand Katli Recipe
Deserts and Sweets

Shrikhand Katli Recipe


 We Indians cannot ignore the calling of a sweet tooth. At least that is the truth for me. I cannot resist the craving and neither do most you! Experimenting with food has its privileges, so this time I am making a sweet dish out of Shrikhand- called Shrikhand Vadi or […]

lemon coriander rice
Kids Lunch Box, Rice

Lemon Coriander Rice


 Today the dish that I have for you guys is Lemon Coriander Rice. It is refreshing due to coriander and has the perfect sourness from the lemon. Summer calls in for some freshness, light flavor; this is just the right dish or side dish for a light brunch with mint […]

quick and easy falafel recipe

Falafel Recipe – Quick and Easy


 Falafel is a famous Middle Eastern Street food and said to have originated in EGYPT. Made from chickpeas or fava beans (or sometimes both) and other ingredients like parsley, garlic, green onion, and cumin and is deep fried in oil. Locally served with pita or a wrap and topped with […]

Creamy HHummus Recipe
Sauces and Dips

Creamy Hummus Recipe


 Hummus is a creamy, thick spread made from chickpeas (mashed) and other healthy ingredients. It is a Middle Eastern dip or sauce or spread that is enjoyed thoroughly by the locals. In fact, the word hummus literally translated to chickpea in Arabic. It is a part of most traditional Arab […]