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til gur chikki
Deserts and Sweets

Soft Til Chikki Recipe


 Whether a festivity around the corner or it just your gut craving- Til Chikki is by far the tastiest and easiest to prepare. Sesame seeds are full of protein and helps in lowering cholesterol. Together with jaggery it forms a great combination which tastes delectable and keeps you strong during […]

surti undhiyu recipe

Instant Gujarati Undhiyu Recipe


 Cold wintery nights, cozy blankets and a smoking hot bowl of UNDHIYU. It’s a fact every household in Gujarat extremely enjoys this seasonal vegetable delight along with muthiya (fried fritters). Though a regional delicacy of Surat, varied version are made all over Gujarat. Traditionally made in earthen pot which is […]

red sauce indian style pasta

Indian Style Red Sauce Pasta Recipe


 Red sauce pasta, or also referred to as Arrabbiata, is cooked using oil of your choice, tomatoes, garlic and red chili peppers. All these ingredients endow pasta with a spicy flavor. The tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and lycopene which is useful in fighting against free radicals, […]

palak paneer recipe
North Indian, Sabzi

Palak Paneer Recipe


 Palak Paneer is undisputedly the most loving dish all over India. It brings an instant smile when mom is cooking this dish. I absolutely love experimenting and it is exciting how the taste varies by just adding a new spice. This is what makes me share my twist of Palak […]