Lilva Bread Roll Recipe

I love experimenting and I will never get enough of it. If you have tried Lilva kachori, you know what I am talking about and those who haven’t, guys where in the world are you. It is the specialty of Gujarat, and a must-have when you visit the state.

Today’s recipe is a more modern twist to the traditional kachori. I have for you Lilva Bread rolls. The filling is the same, just a new outer layer, which is bread. The freshly grounded Tuvar dal is cooked with spices and dry fruits to makes for a lip-smacking stuffing.

The crispy deep fried outer layer of bread provides a nice crunch and then comes fresh and exotic flavors from the Tuvar dal stuffing. This recipe you should definitely try.

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Let’s get started.

Lilva Bread Roll Recipe and Text Recipe Below


  • 1kg Coarsely Crushed Fresh Tuvar (Green pigeon peas)
  • 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Coriander
  • 8-10 Coarsely Crushed Green chili
  • 1/2 Tsp Mustard seeds
  • 2 Tbsp Sesame seeds
  • 2 Tbsp Garam Masala
  • 7-8 Clove and 1 inch Cinnamon stick Roasted and Crushed
  • 2 big Lemon’s Juice
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Asafoetida
  • 2 Tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
  • 1/3 Cup Oil to prepare stuffing
  • 2 Tbsp Desiccated Coconut
  • 15-20 Chopped Cashew
  • 15-20 Raisins
  • Salt to Taste


  1. In a kadhai add oil, and once hot add mustard seeds, once it splutters add sesame seeds and asafetida.
  2. Add chopped green chilies, ginger garlic paste, cook it for 1 minute on medium flame.
  3. Add crushed Tuvar dal and mix it properly with the kadhai contents.
  4. Add salt to taste, 1 cup water and mix well.
  5. On low flame cook it for 10-1 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
  6. Next add clove and cinnamon powder, garam masala, desiccated coconut, lemon juice, sugar, chopped cashew, raisins, chopped coriander leaves and give it proper a mix.
  7. Let the stuffing cool down
  8. Prepare a bowl with water, bread slices, and cooled down stuffing in a plate.
  9. Next, take 2 spoonfuls of stuffing in your palms and roll it into a cylindrical shape. Prepare more such stuffing cylindrical shapes.
  10. Now take a bread slice and dip it gently in water from both sides. Press to let off excess water.
  11. Place the stuffing in the middle of the bread and closing it from all sides and pressing firmly.
  12. Similarly, make other.
  13. In a kadhai heat oil, and once it is hot gently slide in bread roll into it.
  14. Turn it around nicely and carefully and fry until golden from all sides. Fry the other rolls using the same method.
  15. Take them out in a kitchen towel lined plate and serve HOT!

Dip these mouth-watering green chutney and bite into it. It will take you on a roller coaster of flavors and I am sure each and every member of your family will love this dish. A must try. Do let me know your experience with the dish in the comments section below.

Happy Cooking!

lilva bread roll

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