palak paratha recipe

Palak Paratha Recipe

You know what makes a winter interesting? Any guess? Well, I would say FOOD! The aroma from the kitchen coming from the parantha being cooked on tawa (griddle), Sarson da saag and Makki ki roti with Makhan. Whoa! Today’s recipe is for Palak Paratha, the easiest and tastiest way to […]

aloo paratha recipe

Aloo Paratha Recipe

Piping hot Aloo Parantha with butter melting on top along with pickle, Ghar ka Makhan and by its side is a glass full of lassi malai maarke. Ahh haa! An ideal Punjabi breakfast. Isn’t it? They are so versatile that they go perfectly with Chai or Coffee. No matter Aloo […]

aloo puri recipe

Aloo Puri Recipe

It’s round, fluffy, crispy and goes with all kinds of sabjis. Puri is love and there are so many varieties and combinations. Matar Puri, Tomato Puri, Paneer stuffed Puri, Spinach/ Palak Puri, Beetroot Puri, Potato Puri, Kutta atta Puri, Spicy masala Puri and etc are just a few interesting examples. […]

bajra rotla recipe
Gujarati, Roti/Paratha

Bajra Rotla Recipe

We are ready to welcome summers with open arms now, aren’t we? Bidding the winter goodbye let’s pay an ode by making wholesome and delicious Bajre ka Rotla (Roti/flatbread). It’s a specialty of Kathiawad region of Gujarat India. Bajre ka rotla or Millet flat bread is a not only gluten […]