Author: Siddhi Panchal

palak paratha recipe

Palak Paratha Recipe

You know what makes a winter interesting? Any guess? Well, I would say FOOD! The aroma from the kitchen coming from the parantha being cooked on tawa (griddle), Sarson da saag and Makki ki roti with Makhan. Whoa! Today’s recipe is for Palak Paratha, the easiest and tastiest way to […]

packaged food

How to Eat Packaged Foods the Right Way

Packaged foods are foods that are sealed in a crate, bag, can or other containers. They are marketed in the supermarket and stores in their packages. Some examples of pre-packaged foods are – Ready-to-eat frozen appetizers Crackers and granola bars Ice cream, cakes, and cookies Pop and juice Pre-washed salad […]