Author: Siddhi Panchal

Farali vada

Farali Vada Recipe

Shravan is considered as the Holi month of the year. The month of Shravan is widely known as Sawan as well. People believe that by doing fasts and praying during this holy month they can please the god. People consume Farali or Upvas friendly dishes during Shravan and there are […]

sabudana khichadi

Farali Sabudana Khichadi Recipe

Sabudana Khichadi is the most popular fasting food in the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Sabudana Khichadi is usually made as fasting food but since it is quick, simple and delicious, people have it as breakfast, quick snack or light dinner as well. Generally people uses green chili to […]

maggi pakoda

Maggi Pakoda Recipe

Maggi and Fritters – is there anyone who doesn’t like both these snack dishes! These two can be eaten at any point of time in a day! There are a zillion varieties be it Maggi or pakodas. All of these dishes are absolutely yummy! Now I thought of combining these […]

stuffed sabudana vada

Stuffed Sabudana Vada Recipe

Enjoying summer you guys? Well, summer brings some great foods and fruits and vegetables along with it! Apart from being a staple food during fast, did you know that Sabudana is an excellent summer food as it helps regulate the body’s temperature? It is also a good source of protein […]