quick and easy falafel recipe

Quick and Easy Falafel Recipe

Falafel is lebanese recipe which is chickpeas fritters and are served along with hummus and tahini sauce. It is quick and easy Falafel recipe which can be served as a snack, main dish or stuffing inside a pita bread with lettuce, onions, capsicum, tahini sauce etc. I have shared traditional/Authentic […]

Farali vada

Farali Vada Recipe

Shravan is considered as the holi month of the year. The month of Shravan is widely known as Sawan as well. People believe that by doing fasts and more praying during this holy month they can please the god. I want to share simple, quick and farali recipes so that […]

maggi pakoda

Maggi Pakoda Recipe

Maggi noodles are well known and it doesn’t need any introduction. The maggi noodles are all time favorite snack of so many people around the world. Maggi is cooked in so many different different ways according to ones choice. One such creation is the Maggi Pakora recipe that I love […]

stuffed sabudana vada

Stuffed Sabudana Vada Recipe

Sabudana Vada is widely known as traditional and all time favorite fasting foods. Sabudana vada is made with soaked sabudana, boiled potatoes, crushed peanuts, green chilies and ginger so it has a unique flavors. Today, I have given the traditional sabudana vada, a twist by stuffing it with flavorful savory […]